Cord-cutting. OTT. “Peak TV.” Consolidation. 

As a leader of a media network or a content producer, you know that the business of non-fiction television is in constant turmoil: brands, business models, platforms and the players are churning at a never-before-seen rate of change. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for results.

To guarantee the success of your programming and development efforts, you need to understand where you fit, both in the marketplace and in the hearts and minds of the audience.  You need a road map to create, develop, produce, organize, and execute in a rapidly-changing, multi-platform world. And you need executive-level insight and hands-on expertise to shape your programming and development, but adding senior staff is out of the question; you’ve already cut your headcount to the bone... and beyond.

That’s why Ed Hersh -- an award-winning producer, programmer, and media executive -- created a new kind of company, StoryCentric. It draws on his more than three decades of media experience to provide customized and platform-specific solutions for clients, on demand -- and when needed, on site -- with measurable results and a quantifiable return on investment without adding headcount or overhead.

StoryCentric has a proven track record in contributing to the success of media organizations in the US, Canada, and Europe by helping them work smarter and faster... and to better understand both their viewers and their customers. We’ve successfully developed new program initiatives for PBS, provided insight and production oversight on major programs for a wide range of cable networks and non-fiction producers, and helped launch a new management training program for European media executives.
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